Original music

I have been writing and recording music for 20 years, including primarily metal, progressive and post rock, and folk.

On my SoundCloud you can hear a selection of finished and working material.




I have over two decades of experience as an electric and upright bassist, across genres including — but not limited to! — jazz, rock, classical, metal, and folk.

I’ve worked with and recorded for artists including Paul Bergmann and the Fair Moans, Seattle Celtic rock band Whiskey Galore, and singer-songwriter Daphne Lee Martin.

Contact me if you are interested in hiring me for session work!

Bass reel

Here is a brief reel of pieces I have played on, including some isolated bass parts and some sections of full pieces. Contents are as follows:

Colwyn – Rainforest Monarch (original)

Daphne Parker Powell – Time After Time (forthcoming)

Teapot Dome – Dark Mystery Way

Paul Bergmann – Blue Hearts

Whiskey Galore – Ye Jacobites

Bhasa Nova – Taciturn (original)

Bhasa Nova – Les Fées Sont Revenues (original work in progress)

Whiskey Galore – Devon